12.23.2015 - Top 10 Albums of the Year

I've listened to a lot of albums this year (for me anyway). My 2015 spotify playlist has grown a tad bit unwieldy at this point, so there are some albums that have been unfairly neglected or overplayed depending on when I added them. These ten albums for me signify ones that stood out -- I saw the band live, spent time travelling, or riding my bike while spinning the album excessively. Most of these artists are ones that i've known of for a while and anticipated their album release, while others (Zombi, My Morning Jacket, Dan Deacon) I had known of for years, but just never bothered to listen to. I hate when I make that mistake.

Continuing the trend from last year, there's a steady decrease in "heavy" music for me. Not that there aren't plenty of solid albums this year (Black Dahlia Murder, Intronaut), but RoN's album just trumped all. That album is so damn heavy, technical, and perfect in every way it made adding other albums seem silly.

You probably won't see Dan Deacon cracking many top 10's let alone topping one, but this album is just so much fun. His live show easily sealed the deal for me. One of the most energetic and positive  shows i've been to in a long, long time. 

That just about wraps up 2015 for me. I'm doing my top 10 pictures every day (starting yesterday!) on my Instagram and that will wrap up on New Year's Eve. Be sure to check those out. I'm also adding some old content to my YouTube page -- trying to resuscitate that one, so go subscribe if you're into that sort of thing. See you in 2016 -g

10. Zombi - Shape Shift

Untitled photo

9. Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss

Untitled photo

8. Mutoid Man - Bleeder

Untitled photo

7. Fidlar - Too

Untitled photo

6. My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall

Untitled photo

5. Torche - Restarter

Untitled photo

4. Rivers of Nihil - Monarchy

Untitled photo

3. Baroness - Purple

Untitled photo

2. Beach House - Depression Cherry

Untitled photo

1. Dan Deacon - Gliss Riffer

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Honorable Mention

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11.05.2015 - NXL World Cup Wrap up

All my galleries from NXL World Cup are now up! Head on over to the folder to check them out!

This event was an absolute blast to shoot.The venue was legit, the weather cooperated, and it was certainly nice to only have a 5 minute drive to the field each morning. The days were long and I didn't have much down time, so I was running around getting pictures of all the teams who hired me (thank you!!!) and others when I could. Face Full was awesome enough to get me a media pass so I was finally able to shoot some matches on the pro field and I took advantage of that whenever I could. I didn't really have a lot of down time to enjoy the area or relax much, but I spent what little time I had at night hanging in the bar at Shubee's, which is a killer little restaurant. I also got to enjoy some fine dining at the local Waffle House, which is always a good time.I was able to publish a few highlight galleries after each day on Face Full, which was fun to do, but definitely tiring after shooting a full day. 

It was great to see a lot of familiar faces and meet a ton of new people! I'm sad the season is over, but it has been a great one. I just want to say thanks to all the people who hired me, looked at my images, or gave me some feedback on my work this season. It has been a great journey and I can't wait until next year! -g

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10.03.2015 - EPL East Coast Cup

My photos from the EPL East Coast Cup are live! Go check out the gallery - and maybe buy a print - here! Check out my highlight gallery on Face-Full too!

This was the final EPL event for the season and it was a great one! Chad runs a phenomenal league. He and his staff work incredibly hard all season long usually running about 15+ events all over the mid-Atlantic, so needless to say they know what they're doing. Heck, I played his first Xball event this year back in February and that feels like a lifetime ago! This event was held at my home field, Pev's Paintball in Aldie, Virginia. Seeing all the popup tents and vendors gave it a national-level feeling, while all the familiar faces made it seem like any other Sunday at the field. There was fantastic competition all day long, and I do mean all day. The event ran until it was basically dark because they had so many teams signed up competing for the cup. It was a great event and I can't wait until next season! Congrats to Chad and co on another successful season!

The next stop for me is NXL World Cup in Florida. I'm super excited about this event because i'm teaming up with Stretch from 1904 Photography (you probably know who he is, but if not go familiarize yourself with his incredible stuff)! I've been a huge fan of his work for years, so it's an honor to get to take on some teams with him. That being said, we're only booking a very limited number of spots for the event. If you or your team is interested, just shoot me a message.

In social media news, my facebook page just squeaked past 1,000 likes. I don't push the page at all, so it's cool to finally achieve that milestone...after 2+ years. Of course my Instagram is well over the 2k mark and I did that in less than a year. If you're not following me, scroll to the bottom of this page and check out my social media pages! </shamelessplug> g

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09.15.2015 - BPL Event 3

My photos from this past weekend's BPL event are up. Check out all the action here!

The BPL is a new league that is run out of Paintball Adventure Park (PAP) in Taneytown, Maryland. Despite a relatively small turnout, there were lots of great teams that made for an exciting day to capture. I haven't been able to shoot too many local events this season, mostly because my personal schedule conflicted with a lot of the dates, so it was great to finally see some familiar faces on the field. I had an awesome time shooting on the sidelines with some other great local photographers too! Make sure to check out their stuff and buy some pictures when you see their galleries go up! In fact, that goes for all events. SUPPORT YOUR MEDIA!

Face Full published another highlight gallery of mine for this event! You can see some of my favorites from the day here!

As I mentioned above, I haven't been able to cover too many regional events this season, but I hope to change that going forward. I'm stepping away from playing tournament paintball, so that should give me a few extra weekends to make some rounds at all the great local leagues.

I will be attending NXL's World Cup. If you or your team is interested in coverage, shoot me a message for details! I'll also be shooting at the EPL East Coast Cup at the end of the month. Same deal, message me if you're looking for top notch coverage! See you out there! -g

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08.26.2015 - EPL vs GPL

My gallery from the first ever EPL vs GPL 5-man tournament is live! Check out all the action here!

Two of the biggest leagues in the mid-Atlantic combined for what felt like a mini-national event. Over 50 teams competed on Sunday alone! They had three fields going all day and it seemed like everything was running very smoothly from what I could tell. Just my 0.02 here, but I really think if all the regional leagues would combine into one mega league - ala MiLP/WCPPL - every single event would be just like this one. Winning would feel even more prestigious when you best 40+ other teams instead of 10 or 20. The prizes could be even better and it may help grow the sport in the region. Granted, OXCC was a great halfway point for teams coming from NC up to NY and maybe even beyond. Just a thought!

I also had a highlight gallery published on Face Full! You can check out that gallery here! That's the second time this summer I was able to get featured; the first being on PbNation's front page. It definitely feels nice to get a little recognition in the wide world of paintball.

The paintball season is quickly coming to a close. There are a handful of regional events i'm planning to attend - PGPL, EPL - and then cap it off with World Cup in Kissimmee. I say this every blog post (i'm starting to think no one reads these things), but it's never too early to contact me about booking, especially for World Cup. -g

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08.13.2015 - NXL Virginia Beach

My galleries from the NXL's Virginia Beach Open are live! Check them out here!

This was the second event in the (new) NXL's history and it was certainly on par with the first one in Cleveland. The facilities were quite different for a paintball event... a farm with a complete petting zoo! The fields were good, they had free water once again, the reffing was definitely improved, and the vendor area had a great showing. The venue itself was only a few miles from the beach, which was awesome! This league has things headed in the right direction and i'm very excited to see what the future holds for tournament paintball.

Fortunately/unfortunately for me, I didn't get to shoot a lot because my team had some late afternoon matches both days. We came out top of our bracket after Saturday with a record of 3-1, which was awesome, but we dropped our quarter-final's match to Ohio Power 4-3. It definitely felt great to make it to Sunday though! 

Because of that, I wasn't able to take on any teams for this event, so all the images in my galleries from this event are free to download, since I cannot sell them. If you like what you see and feel like making a donation you can send them via Paypal to:    info {at} favaphotography.com

I am planning to attend world cup in October and only take pictures, so if your team is interested in top notch coverage it's never too early to get in touch! -g

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06.25.2015 - NXL Great Lakes Open

My galleries from the inaugural National Xball League's Great Lakes Open are live! Check out all my weekend coverage here!

The event itself ushered in a new era of tournament paintball. Being both a player and member of the media I had quite a unique experience. 

The split deck format was extremely fun and all of the fields seemed to run it well. They had some minor issues with the scoreboards throughout the weekend, but that is something that should be remedied by the next event for sure. The format doesn't seem all that different than the former standard, Race-to-X. Play one match on it and you'll see it's not much different, but it allows the matches to finish a lot quicker, saving time each day. The pits felt luxurious with respect to space and amenities. Oh, and they had free water flowing all weekend long! It doesn't seem like a big deal, but as a player, it's just one less thing to have to think about and it was a very nice surprise. Everyone loved that. No coaching is probably the best modification by far. Spectators respected the rule and it made playing significantly more enjoyable.

The venue itself was awesome and extremely easy to get to. There were also lots of good places to eat and things to do not too far away. I wouldn't be upset if they decided to go there again next season. They even hosted a player's party on Saturday night with free beer, volleyball, corn hole, and live music! It wasn't particularly well attended, but those who were there had a great time and I hope they continue these in the future. 

All of the staff I spoke with were extremely friendly and wanted to hear everyone's two cents. I think the bottom line is that this league is moving paintball forward in a positive direction and I can't wait for the remaining events this season!

One cool note, Pbnation.com featured my gallery on the front page! If you want to check out my thread, you can see it here! Go check them out, make sure to register, and  go follow them on instagram @pbnation

The next event is going to be at the Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach on August 7-9. If you're looking for media coverage, shoot me a message for details. See you at the beach! -g

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05.21.2015 - PGPL Event 2

Pictures from the PGPL's Event #2 are live! Check them out here!

This was my first time to the playground since the fall and it was great to be back. Their staff know how to run an awesome event and the prizes....$2,000 cash for 1st place in D4 Race to 2. Yeah, i'd say that easily the best prize around. If you live near Mantua, NJ you really need to check this league out! They also do a D3 Race to 4 that puts out $5,000 for first place. Not too shabby!

Next stop is Cleveland for the first NXL event! My team will be playing the D4 Xball, but I may be taking pictures as well. As always, if you're interested in coverage shoot me a message for details. See ya in a few weeks -g

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03.30.2015 - MiLP Event 2

Holy *!#@. What a trip. 

Here's just a little backstory from my adventure down to MiLP #2. I flew into Atlanta on Friday afternoon. The flight was extremely full and unfortunately they had run out of carry on space. Myself and a dozen or so other passengers were forced to check our bags. Unfortunately for me, my camera bag had to be stowed and picked up at the baggage claim at Hartsfield-Jackson. Gulp.

I rushed off the plane and arrived at baggage claim 2 and waited...and waited...but no bag. I noticed a similar bag that was still on the carousel. I checked the tag and it belonged to someone on my flight. My hunch was that this person picked up my bag instead. Don't ask me how you make that mistake when mine has stickers and locks on it, but whatever.

The staff at Delta were surprisingly helpful. One person in particular, Johnny, went above and beyond. He called me constantly giving me updates and took my claim very seriously. Long story short, through some fine detective work he was able to track down this individual and locate my bag. Yay! The bag and all the contents were in one piece, but unfortunately I was without it and its contents for the entire weekend.

Thankfully there are some truly amazing people out there who helped me greatly! Rachel from Fly Photo was generous enough to lend me her camera all weekend so I could cover my teams I flew in to photograph. Will Lumpkin, who runs the league, helped me out with a brand new media badge since mine was in my camera bag. My buddy Nick loaned me a mask and all my teams stuck with me! Despite the stressful situation and dealing with the airline in between matches, all these wonderful people helped make the weekend a success!

I also want to give a plug to some of my forum buddies from PbNation. One in particular saw my situation and wrote a list of some extremely helpful tips about how to avoid a situation like this. Take a look if you have a minute.

Anywho, the galleries from event #2 are now live! Check them out here!The event itself was fantastic! The competition was fierce and the staff truly know what they're doing. They even had a few vendors out there (DLX, Planet Eclipse, and Exalt) which was cool to see for a regional series. 

Event #3 is a combined event with CFPS and is happening in just a few short weeks. If your team is looking for coverage shoot me a message through the contact page here! -g

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02.18.2015 - MiLP Event 1

Welcome to the new year...about a month and a half late! The first event of the season is already in the books. I traveled down to Birmingham, Alabama on February 6th for the first Minor League Paintball (MiLP) event of the season. Both galleries for Saturday and Sunday are live! So go check them out!

This was a new league for me, but i've been following it for quite some time. It's one of the biggest regional series in the nation and certainly on the east coast drawing talent from D5 up to D3 and some D2 ringers for good measure. I was fortunate enough to cover 7 teams throughout the weekend. Of those, three of them made the podium taking 1st, 2nd (D4), and 3rd place (D5)! I can't say enough good things about this league. It really does give you that "national" tournament feel on a slightly smaller scale. If I were living in this region, this is definitely the league i'd be playing in.I got to meet a lot of great people and cover some top notch divisional paintball! Needless to say, i'm planning to come back for more!If your team is playing Event 2 in Perry, GA feel free to contact me for information! - g

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